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Lisa Gugglberger

Lisa Gugglberger

Lisa Gugglberger


Senior Researcher

Tel.: +43 1 2121 493-30


  • Doctorate in Sociology, University of Vienna, Dr.phil. (Sociology)
  • Master of Sociology and Educational Science; Mag.rer.soc.oec.
  • Course: Trainer for adult education
  • University course “Interdisciplinary communication, knowledge management and social learning” at IFF

Professional Career

  • 2008 – present: Junior, later Senior Researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut Health Promotion Research
  • 2012: Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Research, University of Brighton (9 months)
  • 2010: Visiting Researcher at the Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit, University of Edinburgh (4 months)
  • 2005–2008: Researcher at the Department of Social Studies of Science, University of Vienna
  • Teaching: external lecturer at the Department of Sociology, University of Vienna (Introduction to empirical research methods, English Readings: English for Sociologists, Group discussions). Module leader at the University of Brighton (International Dimensions of Health Promotion), Teaching assistant at the University of Brighton (Health Promotion Practice)

Research Focus & Areas of Expertise

Implementation of health promotion in schools, Capacity Building for health promotion, qualitative research and evaluation

Sociology of Health and Illness, Sociology of Organisations, Social studies of science and technology

Recent Publications

Adamowitsch, M., Gugglberger, L., Dür, W. (in print): Implementation Practices in School Health Promotion: Findings from an Austrian Multiple-Case Study. Accepted for publication in: Health Promotion International.

Gugglberger, L., Adamowitsch, M., Teutsch, F., Felder-Puig, R., Dür, W. (in print): The use of group discussions: a case study of learning about organisational characteristics of schools. International Journal of Social Research Methodology. DOI:10.1080/13645579.2013.860746

Gugglberger,L., Inchley,J. (in print) Phases of health promotion implementation into the Scottish school system. Health Promotion International. DOI:10.1093/heapro/das061

Sherriff, N., Gugglberger, L. (in print) A European Seal of Approval for 'gay' business: findings from an HIV-prevention pilot project. Perspectives in Public Health. DOI:10.1177/1757913913481540

Flaschberger, E., Gugglberger, L., Dietscher, C. (2013) Learning in networks: individual teacher learning versus organisational learning in a regional health-promoting schools network. Health Education Research, 28 (6): 993-1003 DOI:10.1093/her/cyt079

Gugglberger,L., Kremser,W., Flaschberger,E., Dür,W. (2012): Capacity Building für die Implementierung von Gesundheitsförderung im österreichischen Schulsystem. SWS-Rundschau, 52 (2), 181-201.

Gugglberger,L. (2011): Support for health promoting schools: a typology of supporting strategies in Austrian provinces. Health Promotion International, 26 (4), 447-456. DOI:10.1093/heapro/dar009

Gugglberger,L., Dür,W. (2011): Capacity building in and for health promoting schools: Results from a qualitative study. Health Policy, 101, 37-43. DOI:10.1016/j.healthpol.2010.08.019

Felt, U., Gugglberger, L., Mager, A. (2009): Shaping the future e-patient: the citizen-patient in public discourse on e-health. Science Studies, 22 (1), 24-43.

Recent Presentations

Gugglberger, L., Flaschberger, E. (2011): Blitzlichter aus 15 Jahren WieNGS-Evaluation. WieNGS-Tagung, Wien, 4.10.2011.

Gugglberger, L., Flaschberger, E. (2011): Phases of School Health Implementation in Scotland. European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Berlin, 15.09.2011.

Gugglberger, L., Dür, W. (2011): Reconstructing the process of health promotion implementation in schools: a pilot study in Austria (Poster). GIC, Washington DC, 15.-17.08.2011.

Gugglberger, L., Dür, W. (2010): Supporting structures for Health Promoting Schools in Austria. 20th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, Geneva Switzerland. 11.-15.07.2010.

Gugglberger, L. (2010): (Nationales, regionales und organisationales) Capacity Building für Gesundheitsförderung im österreichischen Schulsystem. FGÖ Tagung „Gesundheitsförderung macht Schule", Wien, 27.05.2010.

Gugglberger, L., Dür, W. (2009): Applying the logic of capacity building to health promoting schools. Results regarding the Austrian school system. Better Schools Through Health: The third European Conference on Health Promoting Schools, Vilnius, Lithuania, 15.-17.06.2009.

Gugglberger, L., Krajic, K. (2009): Capacity Building für Gesundheitsförderung am Beispiel der Long-Term Care – vom politischen Label zum theoretisch fundierten Konzept? Kongress „Pflegebedürftig in der Gesundheitsgesellschaft?" Langzeitbetreuung und Pflege im Spannungsfeld neuer Bewältigungsstrategien, Halle (Saale), 26.-28.03.2009.

Current Courses

Introduction to empirical research methods (University of Vienna)

English Readings: English for Sociologists (University of Vienna)

Research ethics (University of Vienna)