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Jour Fixe - Erster Vortrag im Sommersemester 2014

The 2014 State of the Art in Health Promotion Research – seen through the lens of
Health Promotion International

Evelyne DE LEEUW

Health Promotion International is the ‘thought journal’ of the international health promotion movement. This high impact factor peer-reviewed publication provides a unique focal point for articles of high quality that describe not only theories and concepts, research projects and policy formulation, but also planned and spontaneous activities, organizational change, social and environmental development

As such, the journal is a repository of the State of the Art in health promotion research. Its Editor-in-Chief, professor Evelyne de Leeuw, will present an inventory of current themes in health promotion from around the world. She will also highlight emergent challenges in the field, such as new temporal, spatial and cognitive heuristics for health promotion research, policy and practice.

Evelyne de Leeuw teaches and researches health political science at La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia. She is also an Honorary Professor with Deakin University in the same state. Her teaching and research interests focus on health political science (the application of political theory to public health and health promotion) and Healthy Cities as natural laboratories for innovative health promotion policy and practice. She recently published ‘Democratizing Health’ (Edward Elgar - with Lofgren and Leahy) and ‘Health Promotion and the Policy Process’ (OUP - with Clavier) and puts finishing touches on ‘Healthy Cities – The Theory, Policy, and Practice of Value‐Based Urban Health Planning’ (Springer – with Simos).

Aufzeichnung des Vortrags

30.04.2014 - 18:00
Ludwig Boltzmann Institut Health Promotion Research, Untere Donaustraße 47, 1020 Wien