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Jour Fixe - Zweiter Vortrag im WS 2013/2014

Digital Health and Advice: Supporting patients


Traditional health services are costly to provide, change is required to improve services whilst reducing costs. NHS Direct has embraced digital technologies to support remote healthcare service delivery.

Technology can have a major impact:

  • How do the general public want to manage their healthcare?
  • What else can digital health care services provide?
  • How do we address the culture change?

Bob Gann, Head of Business Development – International & Digital for NHS Direct. Visiting Professor in Health Informatics at Plymouth University and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals. Member of the World Health Organization’s e-Health Advisory Group.

04.12.2013 - 18:00
Ludwig Boltzmann Institut Health Promotion Research, Untere Donaustraße 47, 1020 Wien
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