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Jürgen Pelikan

Jürgen Pelikan

Jürgen M. Pelikan

Univ.Prof. Dr. Phil.

Key Researcher

Tel.: +43 1 2121 493-24


  • Studies in sociology, psychology, philosophy and art history at the Freie Universität Berlin, the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE), the Universität Hamburg, Universtity of Vienna and at the Institute for Advance Studies in Vienna
  • Dr. phil., University of Vienna
  • Post doc, Columbia University, NYC, with a fellowship from the Ford Foundation
  • Habilitation in sociology at Faculty for Social Science, University of Vienna
  • Psychoanalytic training analysis (affiliated member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society); training in group dynamics and systemic organizational consulting  (teaching trainer for group dynamics and organizational consulting at the Austrian Society for Group Dynamics and Organizational Consulting - ÖGGO)

Professional Career

  • 2008 – : Key researcher, program line Health Promoting Hospitals, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Health Promotion Research (LBIHPR)
  • 2008 - :Adjunct professor, Centre for Environment and Public Health, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2007 - : Professor (Emeritus) of sociology, University of Vienna (regular seminars and supervision of dissertations)
  • 1992 -: Director, WHO-Collaborating Center for Health Promotion in Hospitals and Health Care (at LBIHPR former at LBIMGS), Vienna
  • 1985- : Freelance work as groups dynamics trainer (member of the Hernstein International Management Institute staff, Vienna & the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Zurich); management trainer & systemic consultant (network partner: Königswieser & Network, Vienna)
  • 2005-2007: Visiting professor of Sociology, University of Vienna
  • 1979-2005: Co-founder & director, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the Sociology of Health and Medicine (LBIMGS), Vienna
  • 1985-2005: Professor of sociology, University of Vienna (head of department & dean of studies for several years)
  • 2002: Visiting scholar, Yale University, New Haven, USA, & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • 1996: Visiting scholar, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
  • 1981-1985: Full-time lecturer for sociology & responsible for the management training of Federal Academy of Public Administration, Vienna
  • 1972-1978: Head of department, department of sociology, Institute for Advance Studies, Vienna
  • 1966-1970: Assistant, department of sociology, Institute for Advance Studies, Vienna
  • 1964-1966: Scholar, department of sociology, Institute for Advance Studies, Vienna

Other teaching activities:

  • Annual block course as part of the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) for Company Health Management at the ETH Zurich; former block course of the university program “Organization Studies”, University of Hildesheim; former Scientific Director, University course for “Management in the health care and hospital sector” at the University of Vienna in cooperation with the Viennese Hospital Association (KAV); former Scientific Director, University course for teaching and leading nursing professionals at the University of Vienna in cooperation with the Viennese Hospital Association (KAV);

Research Focus & Areas of Expertise

Previous: Sociology of youth and family; role and education in nursing care; organization of psychiatric services, in particular of psychiatric hospitals; concept, implementation and evaluation of guardianship; Medical training; Physician-patient communication; AIDS; system development in health care (health promotion in hospitals, quality development in hospitals, virtual hospitals, migrant-friendly hospitals, sustainable hospitals, health promotion by general practitioners and pharmacists); Intervention, evaluation and quality assurance in health promotion; health and illness in late modern societies.

Current: system theoretic concept of health promotion (with a focus on organizational settings); evaluation of health promoting hospitals; integration of other initiatives within health promoting hospitals; health literacy (conception, measurement and interventions)

Professional Standing

Scientific Consultant Positions:

International: WHO-HQ, WHO-EURO, Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz, Prevention - Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon, Montreal, Canada

National: Bundesministerium für Justiz

Functions in Scientific Journals:

International: Health Promotion International, Oxford University Press (Member of Editorial Board, Reviewer); Clinical Health Promotion - Research and best practice for patients, staff and community (Co-editor, reviewer); Health Promoting Hospitals Newsletter (Editor-in-chief); Global Health Promotion (Reviewer)

National: Systeme – Journal of the Austrian Working Group for Systemic Therapy and Systemic Studies (former member of the scientific advisory board)

Editor functions of scientific book series:

International: The Health Promoting Hospitals Series, G. Conrad Health Promotion Publications, Gamburg/Germany

National: Reihe Gesundheitswissenschaften / Gesundheitsförderung (Public Health Series/Health Promotion), Facultas Universitätsverlag; Schriften zur Medizinsoziologie (Writings on Medical Sociology), Facultas Universitätsverlag; Gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Studien (Social Science Studies), Jugend und Volk

Functions in Scientific Associations:

International: International Union for Health Promotion and Education – IUHPE (Board of Trustees, Member); European Society of Health and Medical Sociology –ESHMS (former president & member of the executive committee); International Sociological Association – ISA (member); Health Promotion Network D/A/C/H (member); German Sociological Association– GSA (member); Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinsoziologie (German Association for Medical Sociology) – DGMS (member)

National: Austrian Society for Public Health - ÖGPH (founding member & former vice president, member), Austrian Society for Theory and Practice of Health Promotion –ÖGTPF (founding member, chairman); Austrian Association for Medical Sociology - ÖGMS (founding member& former chairman); Section Sociology of Health and Medicine (former spokesman, member); Austrian Association for Group Dynamics and Organization Consulting -ÖGGO (regular member), Austrian Association for Sociology - ÖGS (former board member, member), Vienna Psychoanalytic Society - WPV (affiliated member)



Memberships in (Scientific) Advisory Boards:

International: Governance Board, International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (HPH) (ex officio member); CAS for Company Health Management at the ETH Zurich (member); German Network for Health Promoting Hospitals – DNGK (member); Standing Committee of Hospitals in the European Union - HOPE (former member); university program “Organization Studies”, University of Hildesheim (former member); Committee for the European Program of Community Action on Health Promotion (former member);

National: Advisory Board of Evidence Bases Medicine (EBMH) of the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions (member); Representations Network (former: association for guardianship) (chairman of the advisory board of the executive committee); Project Advisory Board: Proper nutrition from beginning on, by Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES), Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions (HVSV) (member); Advisory board of the WHO project “Vienna- Healthy City” (former member); Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Federal Health Institute – ÖBIG (former member); Scientific Advisory Board of Vienna for Ethnics in Medicine and Biotechnology (former member); Public Health Authority of the Ministry of Health (former member); Scientific Advisory Board of the Viennese Working Group for Health Promotion - WAG (former member); Mental Hygiene Advisory Board of the Ministry of Health (former member)

Memberships in Juries:

International: Jury for Health Literacy Prize of the Health Literacy Alliance Switzerland (member)

National: Health Award by the City of Vienna (member); “Bürgermeisterfond” (mayor fund) of the federal capital Vienna (reviewer)

Recent Publications


Dietscher, C., Krajic, K., Pelikan, J.M. (Eds.) (2008): Gesundheitsfördernde Krankenhäuser und Gesundheitseinrichtungen: Konzept und Praxis in Österreich. Wien: BMGFJ.

McQueen, D.V., Kickbusch, I.S., Potvin, L., Pelikan,J.M., Balbo, L., Abel, T. (2007): Health and Modernity: The Role of Theory in Health Promotion. New York: Springer

Pelikan,J.M., Wolff,S. (Eds.) (1999):  Das gesundheitsfördernde Krankenhaus. Konzepte und Beispiele zur Entwicklung einer lernenden Organisation. Weinheim, München: Juventa.

Journal Articles and Book Contributions

Sörensen, K., Van den Broucke, S., Fullam, J., Doyle, G., Pelikan, J.M., Slonska, Z., Brand, H., (HLS-EU) Consortium (2012): Health literacy and public health: A systematic review and integration of definitions and models. BMC Public Health, 12 (80).

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Dietscher, C., Schmied, H., Röthlin, F., Pelikan, J.M. (2011): "Project on a Retrospective, Internationally Comparative Evaluation Study of HPH" (PRICES - HPH) Characteristics of national / regional networks of the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals (HPH) The PRICES - HPH Network SurveyReport 1 (Descriptive Data Analysis). Vienna: LBIHPR. (Working Paper LBIHPR 11.)

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