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Objectives of the

Ludwig Boltzmann Institut Health Promotion Research






The LBIHPR’s primary objective is to fulfill the research program, which is outlined in the institute’s proposal and expressed in the Mission Statement.

This is achieved through well-coordinated research projects, in accordance with current intervention- and implementation research within public health research which analyzes the conditions and possibilities of health interventions. This problem follows the hypothesis, that the success or failure of HP-interventions is related to the specific conditions of PPP-organizations („professional people processing organizations“), e.g. immobilization of user, increasing the users dependency and the reduction of their autonomy etc.

Therefore, it is a goal of ours to gain such insights empirically which make it possible to instruct health promotion in the interest of our practitioners.

It is very important for the research program to compare these empirical findings between the different PPP-organizations, like schools, hospitals and long-term care facilities and study their similarities and differences. This is linked to the objective of refining the theory of interventions and implementation in the health sector focusing on organizations.

Finally it is an overall aim of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes to support young scientist and to generally establish a scientific excellence.